Star Wars-Crimson Empire: Council of Blood, Volume 2

Crimson Empire, Volume 2: Council of Blood - Mike Richardson, Randy Stradley, Paul Gulacy The second Crimson Empire volume explores the darker reaches of espionage and treachery, focusing heavily on Imperial sympathizers and the reluctant alliance of Kanos and Sinn. As the two soldiers learn to trust one another, they face the harsh realities that neither can trust their allies, and may, in fact, have to sacrifice more than their lives to survive. Personal honor and integrity play a heavy role in this series, as does guilt and associative fault; Kanos slowly becomes more human in this volume, beginning to regret his past actions, while Sinn role as a commander and military leader gives her confidence and a reason to try to convert Kanos to her cause. While perhaps not as refreshing as Volume One, the political angle is on heavy display in the second volume of Crimson Empire, and offers a delicious slice of "Star Wars" life that die-hard fans will love sinking their teeth into.