The President's Vampire

The President's Vampire - Christopher Farnsworth An entertaining second outing, if suffering from the usual flaws of second outings in series books: this one just isn't quite as good as the first. 'The President's Vampire' is much more of a horror-angled story, as opposed to the political thriller nature of its predecessor. While still good, the inclusion of conspiracy theories (the lizard people, Area 51, etc.) makes it feel a bit... well... silly. Cade is a fantastic character - charismatic, cynical, and brutal enough to keep readers on their toes, while Zach, his handler, continues to grow from the whiny, ass-covering political brown-noser of the first book into a harder, colder, more reserved, and slightly tougher adult. These two really anchor the book, and kept my interest, even if the plot itself felt a bit too goofy. Overall, this is still a strong novel, and I'm eager to dive into its follow up.