Doubletake: A Cal Leandros Novel (Cal and Niko)

Doubletake - Rob Thurman The 7th entry in the Leandros series offers some serious meditations on family and fate. That said, it's still wickedly funny and stirring with some Lovecraftian nastiness in the form of the various monsters that pop up. With this entry, we see a side of Caliban that I suspect is his new personality - somewhere between honorable ass and monster. Thurman continues to amp up the conflict level in these novels, especially on an internal level, and impresses with her characterizations. The addition of new character Kalakos is a welcome change of pace, horrified as he is by the what the Leandros brothers are capable of, and what they do on a daily basis. While female characters still play more or less a background role, I like how Thurman presents Promise, and she continues to be one of my favorite characters in this series, based on her underplayed role. Few series continue going strong at book 7, but with this exceptional entry, here's hoping for a few more adventures.