All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye - Rob Thurman Jackson Lee, the 'All Seeing Eye', psychic and generally cynical person is recruited (kidnapped?) by a shifty federal agent named Hector Allgood into participating in a research study on psychics. Naturally, things are never what they seem. Rob Thurman shifts from her usual urban fantasy fare to a more suspenseful tone with this novel, and it's a welcome change. While Jackson is Thurman's familiar snarky protagonist, his characterization feels more mature than some of her leads. jackson's more haunted by the memory of his little sister's disappearance than by any real ghost, but the ghosts of the living seem to cause him more trouble than any real phantasm could. Hector adds a flare of drama and barely-restrained professionalism to the story, a man haunted by his own losses, but who has chosen different coping mechanisms than Jackson. Watching their friendship evolve is Thurman's opportunity to show off, once again, how well she writes men, and how she captures their voices to suit her stories. I'm uncertain if this is a stand-alone novel, or the start to a new series, but regardless, it's a good suspense novel, the perfect way to end the summer reading season.